Medical Volunteers

Exciting and valuable work-placements are available for Doctors, Nurses, other clinicians, administrators and those in training. Medical Interns and volunteers have been key to increasing the impact of the Mountain Trust and enabling us to achieve our aims of providing access and support for people in greatest need of medical help.

Medical volunteers in hospital in Nepal

Medical volunteers can be accommodated in many roles. We aim to offer placements to volunteers which are valuable for the volunteer and for the people of Nepal. The Mountain Trust's medical support work is dependant on skilled and well-motivated volunteers. Our aim is to enable access to healthcare for those most in need and facing hardship. Volunteers are key in enabling The Mountain Trust to achieve these aims.

Medical volunteers 1The Mountain Trust's health camps depend on volunteer medics lending their time and expertise. Roles include working in the mobile pharmacy, triaging patients, diagnosis, treatment of minor complaints and so on. Other roles fulfilled by doctors and nurses in the past have included running health and clinical needs assessments with vulnerable and marginalised communities like the Sukumbasi riverbed community in Pokhara. Medical students can also take part in Health and Hygiene education, teaching children in schools about the transmission of diseases, sex education, cleanliness, and basic food and bodily hygiene.

Medical volunteers 2Placements in Nepal range from medical electives, to exciting research opportunities and include the shadowing of eminent Doctors, Health Camps and healthcare needs assessments and research.

Depending on your interests and expertise The Trust will find a placement specific to you. Specialism and experience is always taken into account when designing your individual placement.

Medical Interns are expected to work for a minimum of two weeks. This could be on projects under the direction of the Mountain Trust or in one of our partner hospitals.

The Mountain Trust facilitates high-altitude hypoxia research in the Everest region of Nepal in collaboration with UCL, Oxford University, Wellcome Trust's Sanger Institute, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

Medical volunteers 3The hospitals with which we work are always grateful for medical interns as, in our experience, the latest research knowledge and training techniques that you will bring are highly respected by medics in Nepal. The internship is meant to be a two-way learning experience and we have had many interns returning with fantastic stories and a desire to go back in the future.

If you are interested in applying to become a medical volunteer, simply fill out our application form and attach your CV. We will get back to you as soon as possible with details of ways in which you can get involved.


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