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Working in schools in Nepal can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a volunteer. The Mountain Trust organises voluntary placements in primary and secondary schools in the Pokhara region in western Nepal.

School students in Pokhara, Nepal

Volunteer teachers are in great demand in Nepal. Schools are often under-staffed and under-resourced, but children have a huge desire and energy to learn making the teaching experience a lot of fun. The Mountain Trust offers you the opportunity to teach English, maths, sciences, or any other subjects you are able to.

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Volunteer teachers come from all backgrounds and walks of life as teaching experience is preferred, not essential. The most important thing is to have a positive attitude, engaging manner, and ideas for how to get the children involved in learning.

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Schools can be very basic and range from a few clay-walled, tin-rooved buildings to modern classrooms more akin to schools in the UK. The education system is split between private and state schools. State schools have a reputation for having less quality teaching and fewer resources, many of the poorest children living in Nepal go to state schools. Private schools vary immensely, but generally have better facilities and teaching staff than their state counterparts. Fees can be as little as £20 ($30) per month in private schools and students can be there on scholarships.

Education Volunteers

The Mountain Trust provides you, as a teaching volunteer, with logistical support to make your placemement easy. We find you a school, organise your accommodation, and help you to manage your travel.


Teaching in Nepal can be both fun and challenging. In the monsoon getting to school can be a challenge in itself. However, with the help of The Mountain Trust, good preparation, and a positive attitude, working in a Nepali school can be a richly satisfying experience.

Nepali school

To find out more about teaching in Nepal or how you can support the students and schools get in contact.


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