Volunteer Feedback

Here are some feedbacks from our former volunteers :

  • « A small and friendly NGO which gives you many chances to learn about culture and development » (Oana Dragomir, Teaching Volunteer, Romanian, 2015)
  • « MT is an organisation giving you very much freedom to help people in Nepal through developing and pursuing your own ideas with great support from a family - like but still very professional staff » (David Puhl, Earthquake Volunteer, German, 2015)
  • « It's a fantastic, caring and highly commendable charity. I would encourage you to volunteer » (Faye Lesley Selby, Medical Student, UK, 2015)
  • « It's an incredible organisation that will offer you real responsibility in a nation that faces numerous economic, social and poltical problems, as it transitions to modernity » (Fraser Newgreen, Civic Education Volunteer, UK, 2015)
  • « MT is a small effective charity » (John Kersey, Civil Engineer, UK, 2016)

If you want more details about the experiences our volunteers have lived, just click to see what Lovisa, Nandhini, Hugh, Aradhana, Becki, Alice, Rita, Jan, Lai Lin, Anita, Ramyia, Steph or Jeremy and Michael have done with The Mountain Trust ! 


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