Hugh's Placement

Hugh with scholarship student Sabina

Hugh writes: As time progresses onwards from my eight months of travel, and one begins to edge back into the realms of structured English life, I can take some time to reflect on my recent internship with the Mountain Trust in Nepal.

As friends and family continue to fire questions in my direction, varied and numerous, I will try to summarize and condense what was an inspiring five months into some comprehendible format.

Arriving in February, the tail end of winter, I was prepared for all climatic weather conditions that would accompany me on my impending five months. I was less sure, however, of what I would need for my work with the Mountain Trust. I was tasked with the initiation and development of a Radio Civic Education programme, to be rolled out on a national basis, covering some 65 districts.

It was fascinating being embedded in the Nepalese work culture, as well as being involved in the day-to-day workings of an NGO. I had the fortune and pleasure of conversing and sharing ideas with a number of NGO’s, whilst trying to expand the connections and networks associated with the project. Thus, I spent some weeks in the chaotic bustle of Kathmandu, a treasure chest to the senses, the sprawl now invading the surrounding valley. There were also some stifling hot days in Bharatpur, the southern region of the country.

However, more than the experiences of travel, the city, or the topography, was the beauty of the people.  I lived with a Nepali family for four months, eating with them each morning and evening, learning from them and aiding the children with English homework. I conversed with University students under the cover of shade on Saturdays about Nepali history and politics, I joined football or cricket games being played in the early morning light on green farming terraces.