Sponsor A Student

Mountain Trust student sponsorship and scholarship programmes have allowed hundreds of hard-working students to prosper at school over the last decade.

To sponsor a child simply make a monthly donation of £5 or annual donation of £60 here including a note about student sponsorships. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information before you make your gift.

Sponsored school students at Bal Mandir Primary School

Human Rights

In 2006 Nepal emerged from a decade long civil war which claimed 16,000 lives. Great energy and reserves of goodwill on all sides led to peaceful moves to end the conflict, but this energy dissipated quickly after 2006 and many of the underlying causes of the conflict, namely pervasive poverty, corruption and the weak state, remain unaddressed.

prayer flags at buddhist shrine nepal

Riverbed Communities

Nepal is a land-locked country without beaches, the building trade demands that people break stones into aggregate or dig up sand in the riverbeds to sell to construction sites and contractors. The labour is backbreaking and hazardous to the people involved, leading to diseases and risk of being washed away in flash flooding and stong river flows.

Riverbed community residents - photo taken by volunteer

Nepal Partners

Over the last decade working in Nepal, The Mountain Trust has forged valuable partnerships with organisations working throughout Nepal in many diverse fields. The Trust receives support from these partners and in turn provides support in advice, logistics and project development.

Durbar Square

Health and Hygiene Teaching

Children and young adults in Nepal struggle to find basic information about their personal health. Knowledge like the causes of certain illnesses, how to maintain hygiene standards or sex education, can be scarce in Nepal. Volunteers work with rural schools and our team to deliver impartial health information in a fun and engaging way.

Health and hygiene education from interns and volunteers Nepal


There are all sorts of ways to raise funds to help the people of Nepal through The Mountain Trust. Marathons, sponsored events, volunteering, collection boxes, the list goes on. Individual supporters, like you, play a vital and growing role in enabling our work for some of the most disadvantaged people in Nepal.



Donating to the Mountain Trust is quick, easy and very, very valuable. We believe in squeezing the most out of every penny. Our projects are designed to be high-impact and low-cost. The generous giving of time and support from volunteers and donors alike allows The Mountain Trust to punch well above its weight.

old Nepali man in Kathmandu

Supporting Schools

Education in Nepal, even in state schools, is not free. Sponsoring a school can help children to thrive. Sponsored schools receive support enabling them to provide a cooked meal each day (for some children the only one of the day), hardship funds for students, and basic playing and learning equipment.

Image of Bal Mandir Secondary School, pokhara, Nepal

Education Volunteers

Volunteer teachers are in great demand in Nepal. Schools are often under-staffed and under-resourced, but children have a huge desire and energy to learn making the teaching experience a lot of fun. The Mountain Trust offers you the opportunity to teach English, maths, sciences, or any other subjects you are able to.

School students in Pokhara, Nepal

Medical Volunteers

Medical volunteers can be accommodated in many roles. We aim to offer placements to volunteers which are valuable for the volunteer and for the people of Nepal. The Mountain Trust's medical support work is dependant on skilled and well-motivated volunteers. Our aim is to enable access to healthcare for those most in need and facing hardship. Volunteers are key in enabling The Mountain Trust to achieve these aims.

Medical volunteers in hospital in Nepal

About Us

The Mountain Trust is an innovative organisation providing novel solutions to problems encountered by some of Nepal's most disadvantaged people. Our mission is to improve the lives of people in Nepal who struggle to access healthcare, education services, and human rights. We achieve this, in part, through our exciting programmes, projects, and volunteer & internship placements.

rice fields in rural Nepal

Health Camps

In collaboration with local hospitals and district health offices and local Village Development Committees, The Mountain Trust provides regular free Health Camps in rural villages in Western Nepal. Medical volunteers travel in the Land Rover Ambulance to diagnose patients and treat them for problems ranging from psoriasis to brain tumors.

Blood pressure checks are part of the pre-screening for healthcamp participants


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