Since 2001, The Mountain Trust has provided medical assistance to thousands of people throughout Nepal. The Trust’s own Land Rover Ambulance team goes off-road to facilitate free mobile health camps. We also provide medical assistance to local hospitals through donations, medicines and the regular placement of interns and volunteers.

Volunteer doctors working in Pokhara Nepal

Improving the health situation of those in greatest need is one of the key objectives of the Mountain Trust. We go about achieving this in a number of ways including surgical interventions, Health Camps, donations of equipment, and medical exchanges.


Nepal has many and varied problems to do with health and the provision of healthcare. One in every three children are malnourished and many more live with treatable diseases due to lack of resources or lack of knowledge. Government spending on healthcare is below $5 per person per year.


The poor and marginalised in Nepal have limited access to the most basic healthcare because of the relative high cost of seeking treatment and the low availability of facilities, especially in rural areas. Demand for healthcare and facilities is low in many areas because of the lack of health education. The Mountain Trust aims to spread awareness about disease, sanitation and hygiene and reverse the trend of people dying of treatable diseases.


Due to the many hilly and inaccessible mountain areas many Nepalis have to make do with traditional or basic healthcare. This is borne out in the stark statistics. For instance, 42 of every 1000 children born will die before the age of one. Compare this to 4.5 per 1000 births in the UK. Life expectancy is around 68 years but fluctuates massively depending on household situation. Classic diseases of poverty like tuberculosis and typhoid are endemic in many communities in Nepal.


The Mountain Trust aims to make a big difference locally by working with hospitals, local government, individual doctors and nurses, local communities and medical volunteers, to provide targeted healthcare services for those most in need. 


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