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Students from underprivileged backgrounds need support to stay in school. By sponsoring a student in Nepal you will be helping these children to focus on their school work. Education is hugely important for these children to change their futures by their own efforts. You can make that happen with a single or monthly donation.

Sponsored school students at Bal Mandir Primary School

Mountain Trust student sponsorship and scholarship programmes have allowed hundreds of hard-working students to prosper at school over the last decade.

To sponsor a child simply make a monthly donation of £5 or annual donation of £60 here including a note about student sponsorships. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information before you make your gift.

StudentThis year sponsors have helped over 140 Nepali children to attend, and remain in, school. Sponsored students come from less well-off families and often face pressures to leave school early to earn an income for their family. Scholarships and sponsorship enable families to be fully supportive of their child's education.

Sponsored children are first suggested by their school. The Mountain Trust team then looks into their family circumstances and meets with the parents and teachers at their school. When we can be sure the children's needs are genuine and that scholarship would be a good solution the team release funds to pay for stationery, text books, uniform, boarding-and exam-fees. These funds can be all-important for families living on unsure incomes as the family can rest assured that they can afford to keep their child in education. 

ClassThe Mountain Trust's policy is to support the individual students most in need over the long-term. Sponsored students include orphans and children born into riverbed families who, without outside help, are often condemned to crushing stones into sand and gravel for the building trade instead of attending school – from as young as 18 months of age. With the support of student sponsorships children have the opportunity to study for the education that will break the cycle of poverty. Without a school education and qualifications these children, upon growing-up, will find themselves locked out of employment.


We organise Sponsorships for around 150 Students a year – from Primary schooling all the way to University. We ensure regular feedback on the progress of the children to their sponsors. Sponsors are free to send letters and modest gifts to their sponsored student(s) via the Mountain Trust. Sponsors may visit their sponsored students accompanied by a member of the Trust’s staff. For further details please ask.

The cost of sponsoring a child is very low by Western standards – £60 a year (around $100) will buy school uniform, books, stationery and pay for exam fees of a child in a state primary school. That’s just £1.25 a week. Considering it costs around £2-3,000 a year to put a British Student through Secondary education in the public sector, the difference illustrates the inherent inequalities of opportunity and investment in education.


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